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  1. god damn you... i know you need 10 cent but why you making hard and hardest to download for people? you put here link to download and it goes to short links link. and it goes to another links and 3th time adverts link pass pass and finally it forced to add something to my webbrowers after 10 minutes and many permission about my prive infos programs .. notting there!!! link broken.
    so how many times you can cheat people? do you realy think that i visit your fake and lie webblog again?
    why just you put a link easly and real adress there is million options to get earn
    paying services just one click. but you dont you never share anydownload links actualy right?
    god damn you hetero liar you want to make demonic ways to gays here

    1. Sir, if you don't like it here, there's plenty other web out there you can choose. how can i cheat with this?
      The reason i'm adding those two short link because, evertime i post something especially onlyfans stuff it gets copied by another sites that's why i make it harder and some of my collections i spent money on it. and you know what if im that greedy, there will be thousand ads on this web, but there's not. So next time if you having problem ask nicely and use ad blocker on your browser before you click on those links.

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